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08 Jun 2021       PuzzleMaker attacks with Chrome zero-day exploit chain
07 Jun 2021       Gootkit: the cautious Trojan
03 Jun 2021       Email spoofing: how attackers impersonate legitimate senders
01 Jun 2021       Kids on the Web in 2021: Infinite creativity
31 May 2021       IT threat evolution Q1 2021
31 May 2021       IT threat evolution Q1 2021. Mobile statistics
31 May 2021       IT threat evolution Q1 2021. Non-mobile statistics
26 May 2021       Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2020-2021. EU statistics
25 May 2021       Evolution of JSWorm ransomware
17 May 2021       Bizarro banking Trojan expands its attacks to Europe

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
20 May 2021       Troj/Steal-BLZ
20 May 2021       Troj/Phish-JLI
20 May 2021       Troj/Agent-BHAU
20 May 2021       Troj/TeslaA-BAR
20 May 2021       Troj/Remcos-ABS
20 May 2021       Troj/Formbok-LX
20 May 2021       Troj/Inject-GWZ
20 May 2021       Troj/Steal-BLY
20 May 2021       Troj/TeslaA-BAQ
20 May 2021       Troj/Formbo-AGJ

Latest Adware and PUA:
20 May 2021       QjMonkey
19 May 2021       C3 Framework
19 May 2021       Process Hacker
19 May 2021       Awesome Miner
18 May 2021       WinExeSvc
18 May 2021       Telamon Installer
18 May 2021       IObit Uninstaller
18 May 2021       DiskCryptor
18 May 2021       Argo Enterpraiz
17 May 2021       Telamon Cleaner

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UK tells UN that nation-states should retaliate against cyber badness with no warning (11 June 2021)
EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says 'no player data accessed' after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source (11 June 2021)
Seven-year-old make-me-root bug in Linux service polkit patched (11 June 2021)
China arrests over 1000 for using cryptocurrency to help launder proceeds of phone scams (11 June 2021)
Student Loans Company splashes out on 20,000 cybersecurity training courses – for just 3,300 employees (10 June 2021)
South Korea’s data watchdog barks warnings at Microsoft and five local firms (10 June 2021)
Ransomware-skewered meat producer JBS confesses to paying $11m for its freedom (10 June 2021)
ALPACA gnaws through TLS protection to snarf cookies and steal data (10 June 2021)
Huawei flings open the doors of its third privacy and security transparency centre (9 June 2021)
Risk and reward: Nefilim ransomware gang mainly targets fewer, richer companies and that strategy is paying off, warns Trend Micro (9 June 2021)
PrivacyMic looks to keep your home smart without Google, Alexa, Siri and pals listening in (9 June 2021)
'I put the interests of the country first': Colonial Pipeline CEO on why oil biz paid off ransomware crooks (9 June 2021)
Mysterious Gelsemium APT was behind February compromise of NoxPlayer, says ESET (9 June 2021)
Intel's latest patch set plugs some serious holes in CPU, Bluetooth, server, and – ironically – security lines (9 June 2021)
Security researcher says attacks on Russian government have Chinese fingerprints – and typos, too (9 June 2021)
Extra urgency in June's Patch Tuesday: Microsoft warns six more bugs are being exploited (9 June 2021)
FBI paid renegade developer $180k for backdoored AN0M chat app that brought down drug underworld (8 June 2021)
Cryptography whizz Phil Zimmermann looks back at 30 years of Pretty Good Privacy (8 June 2021)
Siloscape malware targets Windows containers, breaks through to the underlying Kubernetes cluster (8 June 2021)
DoS vulns in 3 open-source MQTT message brokers could leave users literally locked out of their homes or offices (8 June 2021)

threat post
Unpatched Bugs Found Lurking in Provisioning Platform Used with Cisco UC (11 Jun 2021)
Baby Clothes Giant Carter’s Leaks 410K Customer Records (11 Jun 2021)
REvil Hits US Nuclear Weapons Contractor: Report (11 Jun 2021)
Cyberpunk 2077 Hacked Data Circulating Online (11 Jun 2021)
Monumental Supply-Chain Attack on Airlines Traced to State Actor (11 Jun 2021)
Police Grab Slilpp, Biggest Stolen-Logins Market (11 Jun 2021)
Hackers Steal FIFA 21 Source Code, Tools in EA Breach (11 Jun 2021)
‘Fancy Lazarus’ Cyberattackers Ramp up Ransom DDoS Efforts (10 Jun 2021)
Chrome Browser Bug Under Active Attack (10 Jun 2021)
STEM Audio Table Rife with Business-Threatening Bugs (10 Jun 2021)

This app teaches you how to make your iPhone secure
iVerify (version 17)
Avaddon ransomware group closes shop, sends all 2,934 decryption keys to BleepingComputer
Apple will finally give iPhone and iPad users an important choice to make
DOJ charges cybersecurity official for attack on Georgia hospital
Lax security around URL shortener exposed PII of US retailer Carter’s customer base
Apple should fix this privacy issue, not try to keep it quiet
Card Broken: 1000 arrests made in Chinese crackdown on fraud, cryptocurrency laundering
Feds strike Slilpp, a marketplace for flogging initial access credentials
Google ends push for Chrome address bar to only show domain name
China passes new laws to hit back at foreign sanctions
Hackers selling access to FIFA matchmaking servers and other games after EA attack
The most versatile hardware-encrypted USB flash key awarded highest FIPS validation
Researchers create an 'un-hackable' quantum network over hundreds of kilometers using optical fiber
This new hacking group has a nasty surprise for African, Middle East diplomats
Amazon data usage to feature in new UK antitrust probe: report
Ransomware: Meat firm JBS says it paid out $11m after attack
ACSC scanning is allowing Commonwealth entities to avoid being hacked
Australia to open digital ID system to private sector with consultation on new legislation
Biden revokes Trump-era executive orders that sought to ban AliPay, TikTok, WeChat

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